Doug Ose Repeats Newsom Debate Challenge After Unmasked Pictures of Kids Surfaced

SACRAMENTO, CA – Earlier this week, Governor Gavin Newsom came under fire after photos surfaced showing his child unmasked at summer camp, a clear violation of the State’s current guidance.  Immediately, former Congressman Doug Ose tweeted “Governor and Mrs. Newsom deserve privacy in dealing with family matters.  The media needs to back off.”  Following the breaking of the story, Newsom decried the media for bringing his children into the discussion – a warranted response from a parent frustrated with an outside entity interfering with how he and Mrs. Newsom choose to raise their children.  I’m certain every parent in California can relate.

“Governor Newsom made the emphatic point that his kids should be off limits in a political campaign, that the focus should be on him and his policies.  Well, I agree Governor.  I’ve issued numerous debate challenges – all of which have gone unanswered. 

“The people of California will soon make a choice about who will be our next Governor.  They deserve to hear our unfiltered views and visions for the future.  I’m ready whenever, wherever to debate the real issues facing Californians today. You hide behind staged events inside a protective bubble calling on only those with pre-scripted questions. It’s time to have a real discussion about the future of California!”   


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