Former Congressman Doug Ose Challenges Fellow CA Gubernatorial Candidates to Regional Debates

 Ose calls on Newsom, Cox, Faulconer, & Jenner to join him in taking tough questions, giving straight answers to voters 

 SACRAMENTO, Calif. (JUNE 29, 2021) – With the Recall Election to remove and replace Governor Newsom looming, former Congressman Doug Ose is challenging his competitors to a series of regional debates crisscrossing California. 

“I’m calling on each viable candidate in this Recall Election to resist the urge to hide behind slick ads and gimmicky stunts, and instead give honest answers to direct questions,” said Ose. “California voters deserve better than bob and weave. We need an honest exchange of ideas. We have an obligation as candidates to connect with voters in every corner of the state, to go beyond talking points and speak honestly about our ideas to get California back on track.” 

Mr. Ose is calling for multiple in-person debates to be held throughout the state so that voters have the opportunity to hear directly from each candidate. 

“Gavin Newsom has shown that he is not up to the job of Governor,” continued Ose. “Sacramento is broken, and Californians are sick and tired of hypocritical leadership interfering with our families, our jobs, our kids, and our daily lives. It is time for the candidates to come directly to the voters to layout their priorities for the state, and to give honest answers before voters make their choice on Election Day.”