Former Congressman Doug Ose Outlines Plan Addressing California’s Homelessness Crisis

“One of the reasons I am running for Governor is to confront this problem and reduce its impact on our daily lives.  Our goal is to get people back to a place where they can be self-sufficient without disrupting the lives of others or negatively impacting neighborhoods.  We need to not overthink this.  The current incentives that exist within the homeless industrial complex are skewed – it seems that the program is operated for the benefit of the service providers rather than the service recipients.  This only serves to make the problem bigger.  Services are being provided, but the homeless population just keeps growing.  The current approach is not working.  Everybody can see it firsthand throughout California.  We need to stop deluding ourselves about the difficulty of drug addiction and mental illness and face it head on.  This is a nasty business that requires a strong hand to get to success.”

Mr. Ose’s solutions for addressing the homelessness crisis in California can be accessed here.