Former Congressman Doug Ose Outlines Solutions to Fix a Broken California

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (APRIL 16, 2021) – Earlier today, Mr. Ose outlined his solutions to fix a broken California. Mr. Ose’s priorities reflect the biggest issues facing hard-working Californians today – reopening our schools, restarting businesses that were arbitrarily and unconstitutionally shutdown, and addressing the real underlying issues that have led to a dramatic explosion of homelessness in our state. Mr. Ose has a plan to restore California and put families first.

“I’m running for Governor because the State I grew up in is nearly unrecognizable,” stated Mr. Ose. “We’re not going to solve all of the problem’s Governor Newsom has created overnight, but there are things that we can do immediately to disrupt the trajectory of the path we’re headed down.”


Governor Newsom’s public-school shutdown has inflicted enormous damage on our kids. California families want what Newsom’s kids have had for months – a return to in-person instruction.

Ose Solution: Take the proven health and safety measures already in place in private schools and use these measures to protect students and staff in public schools. No more excuses – do it NOW!


If Home Depot and Walmart can be open, then so can the rest of us. Business owners are smart, adaptable, and know how to operate safely during the pandemic.

Ose Solution: End arbitrary distinctions about which businesses and jobs are “essential.” Every job is essential to the household that depends upon it.  No more excuses – do it NOW!


California currently spends $4 billion annually on 41 programs spread across nine state agencies; that is $26,667 per year per homeless individual. Yet, homelessness continues to grow in our cities and towns.

The homeless are our brothers and sisters, our sons and daughters. Solutions must be rooted in reality – the vast majority of homelessness stems from substance abuse and mental illness.

Ose Solution: Reducing homelessness requires changing laws for dealing with the mentally ill and drug addicted. While respecting constitutional rights, we need to be able to compel treatment when necessary. We need to re-establish drug courts and expand mental health courts and community treatment facilities.  No more excuses – do it NOW!

A comprehensive summary of Mr. Ose’s solutions for California can be accessed here: