Former Congressman Doug Ose Responds to Governor Newsom’s Short-Sighted Northern California Drought Declaration

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (APRIL 21, 2021) – Today, Governor Gavin Newsom declared a regional drought emergency in just two Northern California counties, despite the current drought situation experienced statewide. This very limited emergency declaration, restricted to just Mendocino and Sonoma Counties, represents the latest example of half steps and half measures that have become the hallmark of Governor Newsom‘s tenure in office.

“The agricultural areas of this state from north to south are in the throes of a major drought. This emergency declaration needs to be extended to every single one of them,” Mr. Ose stated.

“Further delay will result in lost food production, lost jobs, and higher prices at the grocery store,” Mr. Ose continued. “Governor Newsom has failed to take the necessary steps to make it possible to continue to grow food and keep people working.”

A comprehensive summary of Mr. Ose’s solutions for California can be accessed here.