Former Congressman Doug Ose Submits Official Paperwork To Run For Governor Of California

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (JULY 16, 2021) – Earlier today, former Congressman Doug Ose filed official paperwork with the California Secretary of State to certify his run for Governor of California in the 2021 Recall Election.  Mr. Ose is the experienced leader that California needs to get back on track.

“Sacramento is broken.  Years of hypocritical leadership and corruption have led to a dramatic rise in every indicator of a failed state: homelessness, crime, poverty, unemployment, housing costs, cost-of-living, gas prices, and electricity rates.  We’re failing our kids by playing politics with their education, and hardworking families are fleeing for better opportunity.  I’m running to bring back OUR California, and to put hardworking California families first.”

Over the last week, Mr. Ose collected 80 verified signatures from individual supporters in Placer, El Dorado, Colusa, and Sacramento Counties.

Late last month Mr. Ose challenged his fellow gubernatorial candidates to regional debates.  “I’m calling on each viable candidate in this Recall Election to resist the urge to hide behind slick ads and gimmicky stunts, and instead give honest answers to direct questions,” said Ose. “California voters deserve better than bob and weave. We need an honest exchange of ideas. We have an obligation as candidates to connect with voters in every corner of the state, to go beyond talking points and speak honestly about our ideas to get California back on track.”  Mr. Ose is doubling-down on this challenge, and invites a media representative to step-up to moderate.

“Everything I cherish is in California, and I am fighting for it. Leadership and experience matter. It’s time to rebuild the California Dream, and that starts with recalling our self-appointed King, Gavin Newsom.”