Homelessness Crisis Requires Real Solutions, Not Political Theater

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (APRIL 13, 2021) – On Monday, Former Congressman Doug Ose joined other Republican gubernatorial candidates in providing remarks before the Republican Party of San Diego County’s Central Committee Meeting. Mr. Ose focused his comments on his top priorities for California: reopening schools, addressing homelessness, and restarting the economy.

During his presentation, Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer stated that Californians have a “right to housing…” A shockingly progressive position that is more political theater than solution.

“Purchasing hotels for homeless individuals is a failed policy, and doesn’t address the real issue that our state is experiencing – a major substance abuse and mental health crisis,” stated Mr. Ose. “Just like Governor Newsom, Mr. Faulconer is employing the use of empty rhetoric with no substance.”

California currently spends four billion dollars per year on 41 programs spread across nine state agencies; that is $26,667 per year per homeless individual. Yet, homelessness has exploded in our cities and towns during Governor Newsom’s reign.

“The homeless are our brothers and sisters, our sons and daughters,” said Mr. Ose. “Solutions must be rooted in reality, and we mustn’t simply endorse another massive state program that

makes a splash in the media, but leaves these individuals addicted and psychologically unresourced.”

Reducing homelessness requires changing laws for dealing with the mentally ill and drug addicted. While respecting constitutional rights, we need to be able to compel treatment when necessary. We need to re-establish drug courts, and expand mental health courts and community treatment facilities.

“Hard-working California families have experienced unprecedented economic devastation due to Governor Newsom’s authoritarian COVID-19 policies, and now they should be expected to support another massive state program?” questioned Ose. “Mr. Faulconer’s progressive approach towards housing is short-sighted, and does nothing to address the real issue at hand.”