Meet Doug Ose

Lifelong Californian.

Doug Ose is a life- long resident of Sacramento, small business owner, job creator and former 3-term member of the United States Congress with deep agricultural ties. 

A respected Northern California business leader, Doug Ose has helped create hundreds of jobs, and is widely recognized for his role in negotiating a resolution to the energy crisis in the early 2000’s. 

No Nonsense.

A no-nonsense community leader, Ose believes the top issues facing California include reforming the public education system, supporting public safety, aggressively addressing homelessness across the state and refusing to turn a blind eye to those with mental health and substance abuse issues.

A Leader with a Plan.

Additionally, California must align its tax and regulatory frameworks with neighboring states, focus on substantive environmental improvements and create a stable and growing job market that supports market rate housing that working families in California can afford.

Doug Ose lives in Sacramento with his wife of 32 years and they have two grown daughters.