Newsom Family Laughing All the Way to the Bank

Ose Calls on the Legislature to Enact Meaningful Political Finance Reform

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (June 3, 2021) – An expose in The Sacramento Bee on June 3rd outlined the habitual practice of Governor Newsom’s political graft as it relates to his wife’s business interests.  The first family has pocketed more than $2 million while serving in public office, directly from individuals and corporations with business before the State of California.  This unscrupulous use of authority for personal gain must stop in California.

“It’s absolutely insulting to Californians to suggest that these shady financial dealings are anything but political double-talk and quid pro quo business as usual in broken Sacramento,” stated former Congressman Doug Ose.  “Newsom and his Sacramento-elite cronies are selling California to the highest bidder, all while the state ranks lowest in every metric imaginable.”

Some excerpts from The Sacramento Bee article include:

“The flow of corporate donations to Newsom’s wife’s nonprofit that night are part of a pattern, a Sacramento Bee investigation found.”

“From 2011 through 2018, the nonprofit has paid Siebel Newsom more than $290,000 per year – $2.3 million in all – for her leadership work and for creating three documentary films on social justice themes.”

“Parents have spent the last 15 months struggling to balance work, at-home schooling, arbitrary COVID restrictions, and record financial loss all while Newsom and his pals enriched their families’ wealth, influence, and power.  This has to stop,” said Ose.

The article goes on to explain that “California ethics laws do not regulate charitable fundraising by the relatives of government officials, and the practice seems to be growing more common.”

“Career politicians exploit every loophole imaginable to enrich their own pocketbooks at the taxpayers’ expense,” said Ose. “We need legislation to stop this disgusting sellout of California.  The political elites of Sacramento should not be able to enrich themselves or family members by virtue of their elected positions.  

“We need to prohibit direct or laundered behested payments.  We need to prohibit the practice of spouses of elected officials being paid by organizations receiving direct or laundered behested payments, and we need to demand the disclosure of who has made or is making these direct or laundered behested payments.  We cannot allow California public policy to continue to be corrupted in this manner.

“I’m calling on the Legislature to immediately introduce and pass legislation that has the enforcement teeth to protect us from this type of corruption.  It’s long past time for the special interests to be held accountable for the graft they and their political allies perpetrate upon the rest of California,” Ose concluded.