Ose Solutions

Doug Ose is the opposite of the career politicians, he’s a California businessman and former Member of Congress who is independent of the special interests that dominate our state. Ose will have the resources necessary to communicate with voters and build a winning plurality of Republicans, Independents and disaffected DemocratsNo other candidate brings all these advantages and experience to the campaign. 

Ose is direct, authentic and operates from common sense. He will fix problems: 

K-12 Education Policy

“A sound education is the fundamental building block to creating lifelong success and generational wealth.” – Doug Ose

Goal: that every child graduates from high school with the basic tools to compete in the marketplace.


  1. Regardless of where a child attends K-12, California has a vested interest in their success.
  2. A successful education requires discipline in the classroom.
  3. Parents are by far the most qualified persons to determine which school is best for their child(ren).
  4. Regardless of where a child attends K-12, California has an obligation to treat each child equally.
  5. For many families, the public schools that their children attend are performing well and succeeding in teaching the necessary lessons to students.
  6. For many other families, the public schools that their children are forced to attend are not performing well nor are they succeeding in teaching the necessary lessons to students.
  7. Many children in public K-12 will go to college.
  8. Many children in public K-12 will go directly into the workforce upon graduation from high school.
  9. There are certain basic skills that must be taught to all students; for example, reading by the third grade, US history by the sixth grade, geometry by the eighth grade, and civics by the time a student graduates from high school.
  10. Testing of student achievement is an integral part of an education system.
  11. Vocational education must be on an equal footing to “college track” education.
  12. Some children have special needs and their educational opportunities must account for those needs.


  • Parents decide which K-12 school their child attends.
  • State funding “goes in the student’s backpack” and follows the student to whatever school the student attends.
  • Principals and teachers are empowered to enforce and maintain discipline in the classroom, including removing a child from the classroom if necessary.
  • There shall be no legislated cap on state-reimbursed enrollment in public charter schools.
  • Home schooling opportunities shall be significantly increased.
  • Probationary period for new public K-12 teachers shall be lengthened to four years.
  • New legislative mandates on education shall be put on hold for twelve months.
  • Local school boards shall make the final determination about what curriculum content shall be, including being authorized to add or remove content from state-mandated curriculum content packages.

Open Our Businesses

If Home Depot and Walmart can be open – then so can the rest of us.

Business owners are smart, adaptable and know how to operate safely during the pandemic.

Ose Solution: End arbitrary distinctions about which businesses and jobs are “essential.”  Every job is essential to the household that depends on it.  No more excuses, do it now.

Decentralize COVID-19 Vaccinations

California lags other states in administering vaccines because Newsom’s constantly changing plans bend to political pressures instead of following science and common sense. 

Ose Solution: Empower local authorities to concentrate on administering vaccines in areas where COVID is prevalent. No more excuses, do it now.

Common Sense Solutions to Homelessness 

One of the reasons I am running for Governor is to confront this problem and reduce its impact on our daily lives.  Our goal is to get people back to a place where they can be self-sufficient without disrupting the lives of others or negatively impacting neighborhoods.  We need to not overthink this.  The current incentives that exist within the homeless industrial complex are skewed – it seems that the program is operated for the benefit of the service providers rather than the service recipients.  This only serves to make the problem bigger.  Services are being provided, but the homeless population just keeps growing.  The current approach is not working.  Everybody can see it firsthand throughout California.  We need to stop deluding ourselves about the difficulty of drug addiction and mental illness and face it head on.  This is a nasty business that requires a strong hand to get to success.


  1. Between 75% and 80% of homelessness is caused by substance abuse or mental illness.
  2. Certain homeless individuals lack the ability to resist drug abuse.
  3. Certain homeless individuals are mentally ill and lack the ability to make sound decisions.
  4. Society has a duty to intervene to assist such individuals to return to a productive life.
  5. This is a significant public health crisis. Not every intervention will be successful.

Ose Solution: 

  1. Change current state law to establish that individuals suffering from drug addiction and/or mental illness can be taken into protective custody if a court determines that said individual does not possess sufficient reasoning capacity to resist further drug use or suffers from mental illness to such a degree as to compromise the individual’s ability to make sound decisions.  The change in law shall include establishing sufficient judges and courtroom space in every county to resolve questions about whether an individual should be taken into protective custody.  The current standard of “an imminent danger to themselves or others” shall be replaced by “not addicted to drugs and willing and able to make reasoned decisions consistent with being self-sufficient.”
  2. Bring all 41 existing state homelessness programs under a single departmental authority.  Make it a Cabinet level appointment.  Put a single person in charge that reports directly to the Governor.
  3. Establish, pursuant to Lanterman-Petris, sufficient community care centers to provide residential treatment for drug addiction and/or mental illness.  In lieu of placing an individual into a treatment facility operated by the state, said individual can be placed into a privately operated treatment facility.  Individuals taken into protective custody for treatment shall remain wards of the Court until such time as treatment is completed to the satisfaction of the Court.
  4. Demand mandatory sobriety from all individuals receiving services from facilities operated in whole or in part through funding provided by the state.

Restoring Our Schools

Curriculum matters.  Vocational skills matter.  Funding matters.

Ose Solution:  Empower parents by allowing funding to follow the child.  Parents get to exercise control on where their child goes to school. Reward performance. No more excuses, do it now.




  • California is suffering through deep droughts and there is not enough water to meet needs.
  • In 2014, California voters passed Prop 1 by 2-1 margin authorizing the construction of new water storage and conveyance infrastructure.
  • Since 2014, not a single drop of new Prop 1 water storage capacity has been built.
  • If we had more water, then we could meet more demand from agricultural, municipal, and environmental users.


  • Do what the voters authorized in 2014: build new water storage facilities north and south of the Delta.
  • Establish a much more robust program that treats wastewater discharges to the point where they can be used as “purple” water to irrigate crops. Provide state funding to public and private ventures for this purpose.
  • Get it done!



  • Fires today are bigger and hotter and arrive earlier than ever before.
  • Different terrain and ground cover leads to different types of wildfires.
  • Addressing this problem requires a permanent program.


  • Re-institute the program for periodic timber sales from state and federal lands.
  • Increase the number of co-generation plants in rural areas.
  • Increase the number of lumber mills in rural areas.
  • Amend the Wilderness Area restrictions so that roads can be built and mechanical equipment can be used within Wilderness Areas.
  • Reduce tree density on public lands.
  • Remove undergrowth that serves as fuel for fires on public lands.
  • Send logs to lumber mills for processing into 2x4s etc.
  • Send remaining waste material to co-generation plants to feed turbines generating electricity. 



  • Blackouts are coming.
  • There are significant risks associated with power generation and distribution in California.
  • The transmission system upon which we rely for delivery of power from far-off generating locations is very susceptible to equipment failure or wind that blows trees into power lines and causes fires.
  • There has been an overt effort to shift power generation from hydro and natural gas to wind and solar.
  • Creating sufficient wind and solar generating capacity to replace other generating sources required that the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) raise rates to cover the cost of development of these new sources. Newsom and the Democrats control who sits on the CPUC.
  • The California Energy Commission has created a mandate that new homes and businesses must be all-electric. This adds significant cost to new residential and commercial structures.
  • California has about 42,000 megawatts of in-state generating capacity.
  • On a hot day in California, electrical demand exceeds 50,000 megawatts.
  • Any deficit in power has historically been met by importing power from nearby states.  In recent years, that practice has failed when nearby states are also hot.


  • California must construct at least 10,000 megawatts of new in-state generating capacity that is available on demand 24/7. The type of generator that creates this power is irrelevant as long as the price is market based with no ratepayer subsidies involved.
  • The closure of Diablo Canyon must be delayed for five years.
  • Consumers must be allowed to get power from whatever source they wish.
  • The CPUC must change its Renewable Portfolio Standards to allow power companies to obtain power from the lowest cost generator available.
  • The savings from reducing the cost of acquiring power must be directed to funding the installation of transmission lines underground wherever feasible, thereby reducing fire risk.
  • The CPUC must stop trying to impose a political power agenda upon consumers.

California Agriculture is a Major Economic Engine

Most of our elected leaders represent urban areas with little connection to farming. As a result, they continue to layer on excessive regulation that reduces production, costs jobs, and raises the price of food.

Ose Solution: A regulatory time out to halt the incessant demands driven by narrow political interests who know nothing about the complexity of delivering healthy, affordable and abundant food to our dining tables. No more excuses, do it now.

Unemployment Fraud

Somebody instructed the people at EDD to waive the requirement for evidence of prior employment to substantiate their benefit eligibility, leading to massive fraud.

Somebody decided that claimants could backdate their claims months after original submission. Leading to massive fraud.

At the outset, there were only two people in the fraud division at EDD.

Newsom’s incompetence will burden employers with billions in increased unemployment insurance assessments in the coming years – giving them more reasons to move to more business-friendly states.         

Ose Solution: Fire whoever made the decision to waive evidence requirement. Fire the person who decided to allow claimants to backdate their claims. Fire the person who decided that two people was sufficient to address fraud concerns. Throw away the existing IT system and start over. Call Paychex or ADP or any major employer who already has to deal with fraud exposure of their own money and ask them for advice about how to deal with potential fraud. Read California State Auditor Elaine Howell’s April 2019 report about the flaws in the claim submittal system and implement the corrective measures contained therein. This is such crap to have been allowed to happen. By itself, this is sufficient reason to recall Newsom: He knew and did nothing. No more excuses – do it now.

Public Safety Policy Solutions

Public safety is a core duty of government. Nothing undermines the citizenry’s faith in government more than failure to protect them in their neighborhoods, businesses, schools, and homes. 

Over the past 10 years, our government has moved away from its core responsibility, and criminal activity has increased dramatically.  In addition, career politicians have turned their backs on law enforcement, and stripped them of the tools necessary to keep our families and communities safe.


  • The idiom of “Defund the Police” has clear logical consequences.  We saw it in Oakland earlier this month, we’ve seen it in San Francisco for months in the Tenderloin, we’ve seen it for years on Skid Row in Los Angeles.
  • Recent laws have minimized the consequences for bad behavior.
  • The loosening of laws and regulations have only benefitted criminals and further endangered law abiding citizens.
  • When you reduce the accountability for bad behavior – you get more bad behavior.
  • A direct link can be drawn between the upsurge in petty crime and the cities and jurisdictions where leaders are public about their lack of support for law enforcement.

Ose Solution:  

  • Immediately return the 20,000 plus convicted felons that Newsom let out of prison early to finish out their sentences.
  • Immediately end the arbitrary moratorium on the death penalty.
  • Change criminal law to ensure it has consequences.
  • Once the law is changed, ENFORCE IT!
  • Prosecute all petty theft.
  • Recall any District Attorney who puts the rights of criminals ahead of victims.

Better Access To Affordable Healthcare

The biggest fear is that healthcare will not be available or that a health catastrophe will be financially ruinous.

Many Californians have their own health care insurance. The government needs to leave them alone.

33% of Californians rely on Medicaid/MediCal for services.

Ose Solution: Create choices for people to access Medicaid/MediCal who otherwise are unable to obtain healthcare. Let providers price their services to fit their business plans. The only mandate is that pre-existing conditions are covered. Allow insurers to incentivize behavior. Be flexible in implementation. No more excuses – do it now.

High Speed Rail

Ose Solution: Kill it, do it now.  We have other infrastructure needs.