Ose Solutions

Doug Ose is the opposite of the career politicians, he’s a California businessman and former Member of Congress who is independent of the special interests that dominate our state. Ose will have the resources necessary to communicate with voters and build a winning plurality of Republicans, Independents and disaffected DemocratsNo other candidate brings all these advantages and experience to the campaign. 

Ose is direct, authentic and operates from common sense. He will fix problems: 

Open Our Schools

Newsom’s public-school shutdown has inflicted enormous damage on our kids. 

Families want what Newsom’s kids have: a return to in-person instruction. 

Ose Solution:  Take the proven health and safety measures already in place in private schools and use these measures to protect students and staff in Public Schools.  No more excuses, do it now.

Open Our Businesses

If Home Depot and Walmart can be open – then so can the rest of us.

Business owners are smart, adaptable and know how to operate safely during the pandemic.

Ose Solution: End arbitrary distinctions about which businesses and jobs are “essential.”  Every job is essential to the household that depends on it.  No more excuses, do it now.

Decentralize COVID-19 Vaccinations

California lags other states in administering vaccines because Newsom’s constantly changing plans bend to political pressures instead of following science and common sense. 

Ose Solution: Empower local authorities to concentrate on administering vaccines in areas where COVID is prevalent. No more excuses, do it now.

Common Sense Solutions to Homelessness 

California currently spends 4 billion dollars per year on 41 programs spread across nine state agencies; that is $26,667 per year per homeless person. Yet, homelessness has exploded in our cities and towns.

The homeless are our brothers and sisters, our sons and daughters. Solutions must be rooted in reality: the vast majority of homelessness stems from substance abuse and mental illness.

Ose Solution: Reducing homelessness requires changing laws for dealing with the mentally ill and drug addicted. While respecting constitutional rights, we need to be able to compel treatment when necessary. We need to re-establish drug courts and expand mental health courts and community treatment facilities. No more excuses, do it now.

Restoring Our Schools

Curriculum matters.  Vocational skills matter.  Funding matters.

Ose Solution:  Empower parents by allowing funding to follow the child.  Parents get to exercise control on where their child goes to school. Reward performance. No more excuses, do it now.

Modernize Our Water System

75 years ago, our great grandparents designed and built a water infrastructure system that still serves us today.  Since that time, we’ve done nothing to plan for the water infrastructure system we will need 75 years into the future.  We’ve done nothing to keep up with population growth or water demand. We need new supply, new storage and new conveyance facilities throughout this state.  Six years ago, Californians voted by a 2 to 1 margin to pass a water bond to accomplish all of these things.  Our leaders have ignored, excused and avoided implementing new supply, new storage and new conveyance since that time. 

Ose Solution: Build reservoirs north of the Sacramento River Delta. Build reservoirs south of the Sacramento River Delta, expand conveyance facilities and change regulations hindering water delivery.  No more excuses, do it now. 

California Agriculture is a Major Economic Engine

Most of our elected leaders represent urban areas with little connection to farming. As a result, they continue to layer on excessive regulation that reduces production, costs jobs, and raises the price of food.

Ose Solution: A regulatory time out to halt the incessant demands driven by narrow political interests who know nothing about the complexity of delivering healthy, affordable and abundant food to our dining tables. No more excuses, do it now.

Lower Energy Costs

Californians pay 70-80% more for energy than our friends and relatives in neighboring states.  This raises the cost of living and makes doing business here less competitive than businesses elsewhere.  

Energy production has been hobbled by putting ideology ahead of consumer interests.  Our leaders have purposely sacrificed reliability and affordability in favor of political driven government mandates.

Ose Solution: Provide affordable power to Californians by no longer dictating generating source. Give consumers options about what type of power they use and let them decide how to spend their money. No more excuses, do it now.

Law Enforcement and Public Safety

Public safety is the core duty of government. Nothing undermines the citizenry’s faith in government more than failure to protect them in their neighborhoods, businesses and homes. 

Over the past 10 years, our government has moved away from its core responsibility.

Ose Solution:  Stand behind the men and women who serve on the thin blue line. Return to prison the 20,000 convicted felons that Newsom released in May 2020.  Fund the police. Fund the criminal justice system.  Recall District Attorneys that refuse to prosecute criminals. No more excuses, do it now.

Better Access To Affordable Healthcare

The biggest fear is that healthcare will not be available or that a health catastrophe will be financially ruinous.

Many Californians have their own health care insurance. The government needs to leave them alone.

33% of Californians rely on Medicaid/MediCal for services.

Ose Solution: Create choices for people to access Medicaid/MediCal who otherwise are unable to obtain healthcare. Let providers price their services to fit their business plans. The only mandate is that pre-existing conditions are covered. Allow insurers to incentivize behavior. Be flexible in implementation. No more excuses – do it now.

High Speed Rail

Ose Solution: Kill it, do it now.  We have other infrastructure needs.

Unemployment Fraud

Somebody instructed the people at EDD to waive the requirement for evidence of prior employment to substantiate their benefit eligibility, leading to massive fraud.

Somebody decided that claimants could backdate their claims months after original submission. Leading to massive fraud.

At the outset, there were only two people in the fraud division at EDD.

Newsom’s incompetence will burden employers with billions in increased unemployment insurance assessments in the coming years – giving them more reasons to move to more business-friendly states.         

Ose Solution: Fire whoever made the decision to waive evidence requirement. Fire the person who decided to allow claimants to backdate their claims. Fire the person who decided that two people was sufficient to address fraud concerns. Throw away the existing IT system and start over. Call Paychex or ADP or any major employer who already has to deal with fraud exposure of their own money and ask them for advice about how to deal with potential fraud. Read California State Auditor Elaine Howell’s April 2019 report about the flaws in the claim submittal system and implement the corrective measures contained therein. This is such crap to have been allowed to happen. By itself, this is sufficient reason to recall Newsom: He knew and did nothing. No more excuses – do it now.