Statement from Former Congressman Doug Ose Regarding His Campaign for Governor

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AUGUST 17, 2021) – While at home on Sunday evening, I experienced the sudden onset of concerning medical symptoms. I immediately called 911 and was transported by ambulance to Mercy General Hospital where I was ultimately treated for a heart attack.  I want to thank the Sacramento Metro dispatch, paramedics, and firemen from Local 522, as well as Dr. Hollar, Dr. Marquardt, and Dr. Spears for their world class care and medical expertise. I also want to thank my incredible nurses Anna, Jan, Balin and Heather.

While I’m told I should expect a full recovery, additional procedures and potentially surgery are required, and it has become clear that I must now focus my attention on rehabilitation and healing.  Sometimes you have to do things that you don’t want to do. It is what it is: my campaign for governor is over.

I remain committed to the success of our state, and steadfast in my belief that new leadership is required to bring back OUR California.  I continue to encourage voters to vote YES on question one to put an end to the current reign of corruption and hypocrisy. 

I’m grateful to my family, my supporters, and my team for believing in our campaign and our vision.  I have a deep love for California, and since God gave me another day, I look forward to resuming the fight for the state that I call home.