SACRAMENTO, Calif. (MAY 21, 2021) – Last year, the California Department of Justice released a report detailing that nearly 14,000 sexual assault evidence exams, commonly referred to as “rape kits,” remained sitting on shelves collecting dust in California crime labs. At the time, The Sacramento Bee described that number as an “undercount” as only 149 agencies and laboratories reported data to the state. 

While touting a massive surplus, Governor Gavin Newsom’s budget proposal is stingy when it comes to funding for law enforcement and community protection. Newsom wants to pour billions into the Bullet Train boondoggle, but ignores the need to protect victims of sexual assault and put sexual predators behind bars. 

“Newsom apparently thinks it’s more important to release thousands of dangerous felons back into our communities than to clear the rape kit backlog and bring violent sexual predators to justice,” said former Congressman and gubernatorial candidate Doug Ose. “He’s sending tens of millions to foreign nationals, but can’t find a dime for processing these rape kits. 

 “As a Congressman, I co-authored the Violence Against Women Act, providing federal funding for state and local programs protect victims of sexual assault,” continued Ose. “As governor, protecting the innocent and law-abiding from criminals and predators will be my top priority.” 

While those rape kits gather dust, 40 district attorneys are uniting to challenge the Newsom agenda of releasing tens of thousands of violent criminals from prisons and jails. said Ose. 

“Californians need a Governor who will stand with prosecutors in putting public safety first,” said Ose. “The families of the Sacramento-elite are safe behind round-the-clock taxpayer-funded protection while the rest of us have to deal daily with threats to our safety. Why won’t Newsom spend some political capital to clear these rape kits? This makes no sense to me at any level of responsible leadership.”