What say Cox, Faulconer, Jenner and Ose? Top GOP Rivals in Recall Tackle Tough Qs

Caitlyn Jenner would end property taxes for Californians over 65. Doug Ose would require voters to show a photo ID at the polls. Kevin Faulconer would seize firearms from 23,000 state felons. And John Cox would make California the “Saudi Arabia of the West.”

The leading Republican candidates for governor offered these and other ideas while blasting Gov. Gavin Newsom in separate replies to questions from Times of San Diego.

In the first such virtual Q&A of the recall election, the four mostly agreed on issues.

They also each confirmed being vaccinated against COVID-19, with former San Diego Mayor Faulconer, 54, saying he received the Johnson & Johnson shot at Operation Collaboration at Cuyamaca College and Olympic champ Jenner, 71, responding: “After consulting with my doctor, I have been fully vaccinated, and I encourage all California residents to do the same.”

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